Researcher, lecturer, mental health counsellor, and UXer.

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Current Work

I’m an Honorary Professor at University of Bamberg in Germany, Department of Psychology where I also completed my postdoctoral studies as a fellow of Alexander von Humbolt Foundation. I teach Positive Psychology and collaborate with colleagues in Personality and Psychological Assessment in several research projects.

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I’m the founder and managing director of Research Maze – a research, training, and consultancy company based in London. We are a team of psychologists, counsellors, researchers, and business developers  specialised in a variety of social science and user experience research methods. Apart from research consultancy, we develop and deliver training programs for different groups such as employees, managers, and students. Our training programs aim at increasing the quality of life of individuals and the society.

To collaborate with us in research projects or to get training services, please contact us at

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I’m the head of research at Humanayz – a design and research company operating in London. Humanayz focuses on emerging technologies and products, and develops technology-assisted tools that can increase quality of life, and strenghten emotional wellbeing of individuals. Humanayz also collaborates with universities and participates in European Union projects as a partner.

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We can work together!

If you’re interested in our business initiatives and would like to work with us, please get in touch.


My book on happiness (in Turkish).
This book, written for general population, looks at the concept of happiness from a variety of perspectives and presents facts about happiness based on scientific evidence. It was a pleasure collaborating with Gökce Bulgan in this project. You can order this book here.

Conference paper on psychological need satisfaction/frustration
In May 2019, we’re presenting our paper entitled “Big five personality traits, well-being and ill-being: The mediating roles of basic psychological need satisfaction and frustration” at the 7th International Self-Determination Theory Conference in Amsterdam.
New Positive Psychology class at University of Bamberg
I’ll be teaching Positive Psychology again this summer in University of Bamberg in Germany in June 2019.
New publication on authenticity, uniqueness and happiness
Our new paper on the relationship between authenticity, uniqueness and happiness has been published in Current Psychology
New chapter on optimism
We published a chapter on optimism in Encyclopedia of Personality and Individual Differences.
New chapter on anxiety in young people
We published a chapter on anxiety in young people in Understanding Diversity and Individual Differences and Intervention for Child and Adolescent Mental Health.
Conference poster on microblogging intervention
We presented a poster entitled “More tweets more wellbeing? A one-week microblogging intervention study” at the 9th European Conference on Positive Psychology in Budapest.
Conference paper on a new emotional intelligence training
In June 2018, we presented a paper entitled ” Increasing emotional competence: An evaluation of an ability-based training program in a collectivist context” at the 9th European Conference on Positive Psychology in Budapest.
Positive Psychology class at University of Bamberg.
I taught Positive Psychology at University of Bamberg in April 2018.
Workshop on understanding personality traits
In February 2018, I ran two workshops on personality for employees at Path – a design consultancy based in London.
The second edition of our book “Mutluluk 2.0” (in Turkish) is out.
I would like to thank all the readers who made the reprint of our book possible in such a short time.
Named “Honorary Professor” at University of Bamberg in Germany.
In my research studies, I have been collaborating with Personality and Assessment division of Psychology Department at University of Bamberg since 2010. I’m honoured to receive this title.
My new publication is out: Cultural and social aspects of emotion regulation.
In collaboration with Professor Cecilia Essau, my new book chapter “Cultural and social aspects of emotion regulation” has been published in”Emotion regulation and psychopathology in children and adolescents” by Oxford University Press.
The psychology behind user experience
My new article (in Turkish), which has been published in webrazzi, discusses the importance of considering some basic psychological theories in order to create great user experience.
New blog post on happiness
My piece “The Misguided Quest for Happiness” has been published in Existential Cafe.
Seminar on happiness
In March 2017, I gave a seminar on happiness and discussed the concept from different perspectives in a meeting organised by Bosphorus University Alumni United Kingdom at Docklands Academy. I also talked about my new book on happiness.
Seminar on the relationship between happiness and religion
In December 2016, I gave a seminar on the relationship between happiness and religion to a group of students in Windsor. We first discussed the importance of scientific research, then moved on to the discussion about the link between religion and happiness.
Seminar on positive psychological interventions
In October 2016, I gave two seminars on positive psychological interventions in University of Bamberg in Germany. I talked about the empirical studies in this area and discussed to what extent they are effective in increasing the wellbeing of individuals.
Seminar on diversity
In May and September 2016, I gave two seminars on diversity to two different design agencies in London. We discussed the differences between high-context and low-context cultures and how these cultural aspects shape our communication styles.
Workshop on positive psychology at work
In September 2016, I did two one-day workshops in Istanbul with two employee groups about the applications of positive psychology at work. Participants learned the basics of positive psychology and how they can make use of a variety of positive psychological activities at work to increase their job satisfaction and find more meaning at work.
8th European Positive Psychology Conference
Our research paper entitled “Unraveling the relationship between religion and life satisfation: A cross-cultural study” was presented by the first author Selin Misir at the 8th European Positive Psychology Conference in France. Please contact me if you would like to learn more about the study.